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Medserve offer a comprehensive range of flexible solutions for Servicing and Maintenance contracts, tailored to meet your requirements.  Our service engineers are fully trained with a wealth of experience for inspections, repairs and emergency breakdowns.

LOLER Inspections - What is LOLER?

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 is a legal requirement relating to the use of patient lifting equipment. Some of the equipment within the Healthcare industry which will require a LOLER test, are as follows:-

  • Electric/Manual Patient Lifting Hoists and Standaids
  • Overhead Hoists
  • Hi-Lo Baths
  • Pool Hoists

What does LOLER do?

Regulations require that lifting equipment provided for use at work is:

  • Strong and stable enough for the particular use and marked to indicate safe working loads;
  • Positioned and installed to minimise any risks;
  • Used safely, i.e. the work is planned, organised and performed by competent staff;
  • Subject to ongoing thorough examination and where appropriate, inspected by competent people.

    What we do to comply with these regulations?

  • All hoists and standaids will be functionally checked in all modes of operation and on completion of the thorough examination and service, a service certificate is issued.
  • All slings where available at the time of the scheduled visit will be inspected and if a replacement is judged necessary, this will be advised.
  • Where fitted, the electronic scale will be checked for correct operation and calibration, adjustments being made when necessary.
  • Floor fixtures of static hoists will be inspected and checked for security under a full load test.
  • The tracks and support brackets for overhead hoists will be inspected and a full load test is applied along the length of the track.
  • Lifting mechanisms and controls for Hilo baths and integral hoists are thoroughly examined and load tested to conform to the requirements of LOLER.
  • Pool Hoists – Stainless steel wire ropes are inspected once every 6 months and replaced every 2 years or before wear is extreme.
  • Hydraulic cylinders and controls will be inspected for leakage with a full load test. Servicing does not include upgrades and spare parts will be subject to availability from original manufacturers.

PUWER Regulations

The majority of all other equipment on site falls under the PUWER Regulation - the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation 1998.  Although not a legal requirement, it is advised that the following equipment should be inspected under the PUWER regulations:- 

  • Pressure Area Care - Dynamic Mattresses
  • Medical/Hospital Beds
  • Wheelchairs
  • Recliner Chairs

Do the Regulations apply to me?

If you are an employer providing lifting equipment or use any of the equipment mentioned above within your care homes or hospitals and you have control of the use of lifting equipment, then these Regulations will apply to you.

Preventative Maintenance

Medserve's preventative maintenance package offers you a wide range of flexible contracts that are tailored to meet your requirements and budget. To fulfill Health & Safety requirements and all legislation requirements within the Healthcare Industry we ensure that your equipment is maintained and inspected in a safe working condition and suitable for use.

All service engineers are fully trained and have a wealth of experience including installing, servicing and repairing a vast variety of manufacturers equipment, ensuring that all of your servicing needs are kept under one contract; under one roof. All engineers and even staff based in the office undergo annual training with suppliers to help keep up to date with the ever changing equipment, technology and more so, legislation.

    Equipment Servicing

  • Pressure Care Mattresses 
  • Beds
  • Mobile Hoists
  • Ceiling Track Hoists
  • Baths
  • Wheelchairs
  • Recliner Chairs
  • Scale Testing 

Pressure Area Care & Dynamic Mattresses

Dynamic mattress systems are checked annually, but we can tailor this to customers specific needs.  When servicing the pressure care mattresses we check all components, including the following:-

  • Filters and compressor inners 
  • Check output of compressor/pump
  • Test the mattress itself by fully inflating
  • Mattress covers

Profiling Beds

The servicing of profiling beds falls under PUWER.  Some of the components checked during the servicing are the load bearing and safety critical components, wheels, fixings to motors, assembly fixings. The machines are functionally checked in all modes of operation. 

Repairs and Emergency Breakdowns

Inevitably equipment may breakdown at the most inconvenient times, putting patients health at risk. To keep disruption to both you and your patients or residents at a minimum, we service equipment on site with all of our engineers vans being fully stocked, unless it is crucial that we take your equipment back to our workshop for repair.

At Medserve we understand the need for flexibility and our trained staff are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide a quick and accurate response. Medserve continually monitor the service provided and assess results to see if/how improvements can be made. We monitor our call-out response times, and have maintained a target of attending 92% of call-outs within 24 hours since acquisition. 

    How can Medserve help?

  • Complete 6 Monthly LOLER tests and equipment inspections.
  • Issue certification.
  • Manage a complete service package, giving you peace of mind.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Flexible – Adhoc or contracted, whatever suits your business.

For more information on how we can help you, contact Medserve today on 01275 218161