What we do to comply with these regulations?

  • All hoists and standaids will be functionally checked in all modes of operation and on completion of the thorough examination and service, a service certificate is issued and the equipment is labelled to show the inspection date.
  • All slings where available at the time of the scheduled visit will be inspected and if a replacement is judged necessary, this will be advised.
  • Where fitted, the electronic scale will be checked for correct operation and calibration, adjustments being made when necessary.
  • Floor fixtures of static hoists will be inspected and checked for security under a full load test.
  • The tracks and support brackets for overhead hoists will be inspected and a full load test is applied along the length of the track.
  • Lifting mechanisms and controls for Hi-Lo baths and integral hoists are thoroughly examined and load tested to conform to the requirements of LOLER.
  • Pool Hoists – Stainless steel wire ropes are inspected once every 6 months and replaced every 2 years or before wear is extreme.
  • Hydraulic cylinders and controls will be inspected for leakage with a full load test. Servicing does not include upgrades and spare parts will be subject to availability from original manufacturers.