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Our decontamination solutions have been designed to compliment your infection control strategy and offer maximum protection to your patients and staff.

Infection control is a top priority for both patients and healthcare professionals within many organisations, introducing a zero tolerance approach to healthcare associated infections such as MRSA and Cdiff.

All policies and procedures are written in compliance with the most up to date guidance and legislation so that each system follows a stringent procedure from the point of leaving our facility to delivery back to your site.

Offering includes collection and return within agreed lead times, subject to your needs, tracking and traceability at every stage of the decontamination process creating a clear audit data trail, ensuring it is returned in a timely, efficient manner in accordnace with your requirements.

What can Medserve offer?

  • Collection of contaminated equipment.
  • Thorough decontamination of equipment.
  • Quality control to assess whether the product is operating correctly.
  • Decontamination certificate.
  • Delivery back to the customer within 5 working days.


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For more information on our One-Stop Solution please contact Medserve today on 01275 218161 or email us at info@medserveltd.co.uk.