Our | One Stop Solution

With our “Independent Model” we are able to offer a multitude of products and services so you don’t have to spend valuable time sourcing various companies.

We can combine recommended solutions to meet with your own personal requirements creating a complete package suitable to you, which can be arranged as part of your group / trust or individually, dependent on budget requirements.


  • This model combines advice and a complete solution dealing with a range of different services and products on your behalf.
  • It improves access to information about the existence, appropriateness and relative quality of a variety of products and services, which would satisfy your needs.
  • Our support tools give easy access to various products on offer; it also has suggestions for alternative or complimentary products with trusted suppliers that we work in partnership with.
  • Provides qualified and experienced staff who take on the role of independent adviser about the most appropriate products or services, along with web-based support to work more effeciently and as a result, more effectively.
  • You will have significantly more support in that it is much clearer for you to obtain after sales service and a single point of contact if there were any queries.
  • The One-Stop Solution works well with both groups, trusts and individual sites, giving you tailored packages, which can be charged separately in line with personal budgets.